Quick Interior House Painting

For this job, we work on the interior house painting. We painted the walls, ceiling, and touch up the trim of four bedrooms, the dining room, and foyer. We begin by covering the carpet, lights on the bedrooms, foyer, and dining room. At first, the whole crew was working on covering the carpet, but after we cover three bedrooms, one of the crew members, begin working on getting the sheetrock holes patch-up. This is a more efficient way to work because the sheetrock mud takes time to dry, at the same time the rest of the crew membres finish covering the carpet on the foyer, and dining room. Whenever we work on the interior painting of a house where people are living in the house we begin by painting the ceilings first. We paint the ceiling first, trim second, and walls last.

Let’s say you choose to paint the walls first, and paint the ceilings last, what is going to happen? Well, as you are painting the ceiling paint will fall on to the finished wall, and trim. If you paint the ceilings first you do not have to worry if the ceiling paint gets on the walls, because the walls are not painted yet. After the crew members have covered all the rooms, we begin to paint the ceilings. For this house, there was some sheetrock repair on the ceilings, but nothing major, it was easy to fix. Let’s say there was a two feet hole on the ceiling what do I do? The first thing you what to do is patch up the hole, on average it takes about two days to make it perfect, so what you need to do is work around the patch.

After painting the ceilings we give the walls a smooth first coat of paint. Here are some things to keep in mind, when you are using the brush to cut the ceiling edges, you want to also paint at least 1/2 inch of the wall where the ceiling meets the walls. We do this because is easier to make a straight line when cutting the walls. I forgot to mention that when painting the walls, you want to first cut the edges with your brush, wait for the paint to dry, and then use the roller to paint the rest of the wall. We touch up the doors, windows, and painted the baseboard last because it was only a touch – up. If we were to paint the whole trim, we would have first painted the doors, windows, and painted the baseboard last. The last part of this interior house painting was to touch-up the wall, ceilings, and double-check the trim.