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Painting Contractor in Norcross GA: Making Your Project Come to Life

You’re here because you need help from the best painting contractor in Norcross GA, right? Then, welcome to Melvin’s Contracting Services! Here, you will find the information you need to make the right decision. Do you have any project on mind? Do you need to give a new look to your office? Then, you are with the right professionals.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience dealing with this type of work; we are experts in this business. A painting project means a big change, it does not matter if it’s about changing the exterior of your house or completely changing the atmosphere of your place, we can do that and much more!

Do not put your project in the wrong hands, work with a group of professionals to ensure results of the highest quality, work with Melvin’s Contracting Services.

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Painting contractor in Norcross GA: Transforming your place into something special

Painting your house or your office is a serious decision; you should not take anything lightly. You need a team that, in addition to being trained, has the necessary experience to guide and advise you during the process. That’s why you should contact us and make sure you work with the best painting contractor in Norcross Ga.

We focus on delivering results with the best appearance and durability. Painting is not just about applying paint, it’s about strategy, techniques and a lot of experience. You should not risk it and put your walls in the hands of someone without experience, better contact us for the job.

We know that you have something in mind but you are worried about not being able to make it come true. This is not a problem when you work with Melvin’s Contracting Services; we have the qualified staff and the necessary tools to deliver a perfect project that exceeds your expectations.

It does not matter what kind of project you have in mind, we can do that and much more. Throughout these 20 years of experience, we have developed the necessary techniques to offer painting services for:

Exterior Painting in Norcross GA

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    Exterior Painting in Norcross GA

    Offices Painting

    Maybe you’re asking yourself, why should you paint your office? What will change? You must know that everything changes! A good painting job done by professionals can give you an improvement in the workspace; this benefits you because it helps attract customers and at the same time gives a better office environment to your employees, which means more productivity.

    The appearance is everything! The painting of your office is the first thing your clients see if they see an ordered office and with a good paint job, they will know that they are in front of a professional place.

    Give yourself the opportunity to improve your workspace and contact Melvin’s Contracting Services, we are the best painting contractor in Norcross GA.

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    Warehouse Painting

    It is normal that the interior of your Warehouse suffers from wear. This is a place where many daily jobs are usually done, that is why it is of vital importance that you apply a good coat of paint. This type of work cannot be done by amateurs, if you let anyone do it you risk that the results are of little durability.

    You need a group of professionals to help you keep everything in perfect condition. It is very important to keep the inside of your store updated. Do not risk it; do not put your store in the wrong hands. Work with Melvin’s Contracting Services, a team with more than 20 years of experience in this type of projects, that’s why we are the best contractor in Norcross GA.

    Warehouse Painting in Norcross GA

    Industrial Painting

    This is one of the most delicate painting works. From painting machinery and equipment to conditioning spaces, industrial painting is vital to provide protection and durability to everything in your industrial environment. It also protects your building and gives a better appearance to your facilities.

    To complete a job like this one you will need professional equipment, the indicated inputs, and a qualified workforce. An industrial painting project must be strictly completed by a professional team like ours, do not make mistakes and work with us.

    Industrial Painting in Norcross GA


    Are you thinking of giving a new look to the outside of your house? Or maybe you prefer to give a new atmosphere to the interior? No matter what you have in mind, we make it happen! We are specialists in this type of work; we have the materials and equipment necessary to make your place a dream space. Work with us, the best painting contractor in Norcross GA.

    When it comes to painting or repainting your home, you should not trust anyone, better contact us and make sure you receive a professional job that exceeds your expectations.

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