Exterior House Painting

This house located in Lawrenceville was one of my favorite exterior house painting. On the first day, we pressure wash the house and waited one day for the house to dry. After waiting for one day, after pressure washing the house, we begin by removing all the rotten wood around the house and replacing it with PVC. After removing, and replacing the rotten wood, we caulk the whole house and painted the siding on the house. The reason why this house is one of my favorites is that the windows are made of plastic. What I like about plastic windows is that we do not have to paint the windows. Not painting the windows eliminates a large part of the time, in total not painting the windows eliminates about 7 hours of work, which is one day of work.

When the house has plastic windows like this one, we all begin by taping all the windows after we tape more than half of the windows around the house, one of the crew members, the sprayer begins to spray the house and will finish spraying at least half of the house.

For the third and final day of work, we spray the trim, and paint the downspouts, paint the shutters, stain the deck, and do the final touch-up on the trim and siding. We always give the downspouts at least two coats of paint. I want to also mention that the areas were we spray we only give one coat. When spraying we can put on a heavy coat compare to if you were to use a brush. If we were to use brushers than we would give it two coats. The same goes for the siding, we spray a heavy coat on the siding, so there was no need for a second coat unless the siding has never been painted, then we do spray it twice.

For this exterior house painting project, as mention before we stain the deck. For the deck, we use home depot stain, we have noticed that home depot stain will last longer than Sherwin Williams Super Deck. I also want to mention to you if you are planning on staining the deck you need to prepare the deck right. Want you to need to do is, pressure wash the deck, and after that remove any loose pieces of wood or paint. For the siding, trim, shutters, and everything else we use Sherwin Williams paint products. As always the last part of the job was to touch up the siding and trim.