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Do you know a nicely kept business keep customers intact with you? But what about the employees? It’s necessary to pay attention to those things that can help your employees to boost their morale. Well, the good news is an excellent and professional paint job can do this wonder for you!
Yes, you have heard it right. A paint job can improve the look of your office and ultimately boost the morale of employees working there. Melvin’s Painting Specialists know the importance of keeping your business’s portfolio up-to-date, and that’s why offer the best painting services for offices and industrial sectors. Each team member on our team has been fully trained and get experience in respective fields. They always apt for detailed work and take time to explain each process involved in the overall contract.


It’s time to bring your office to life with colorful strokes on its walls. We offer premium office painting services to ensure a relaxing and inspiring working mood for employees and the outsiders. A pleasant-looking office can attract anyone and go in favor of you. Our professional painters are 24/7 available and offer safety, functionality, and beauty.


Our professional office and industrial painters are stocked with the latest tools including rollers, sprayers, and paint brushes. They always take care of your space and clean it before leaving. We with our combination of tools can set our game apart. Our painters always make it sure that your building gets the most precise paint coat on its walls and trim. Melvin’s Painting Specialists use only those paint is of high-quality and has no VOCs.
Whatever you want for your office or industrial sector, we work hard to exceed our employees and customers’ satisfaction.

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    Exterior Painting

    Finding a reliable painting contractor at a good price should not be so difficult, don’t worry; Melvin’s Contracting Services is here to help you. If what you need is service of exterior painting in Norcross GA, we are the team you should contact.

    Office Painting

    Is your office environment is pleasing and calming? Do your employees love working at the office and inspired by their surroundings? Do you have a clean place to welcome your clients and customers? Well, if your answer to all those questions is no,...

    Warehouse Painting

    Warehouse—the most un-visited area by your end customers or can say never visited one. But, it’s a part of your business. It’s crucial to keep it in good shape. Keeping warehouse in good form matters for your employees to keep their morale high.

    Give Life to Your Office with Our Painting Solutions!

    We understand each painting system requires proper custom surface preparation to achieve maximum life for the system. Luckily, Melvin’s Painting Specialists has extensive knowledge in each surface preparation techniques.
    We understand the tight timeframes industrial projects must be done in. So for this, we owned the equipment and employed the skilled personnel to ensure the quality of the project is completed or not.

    ​What traits set of the game apart?

    There are many reasons to choose Melvin’s’ contracting services for office and industrial painting needs. ​

    Professionalism is a key to success:

    We believe business can only be successful if it focuses on being professional. We do so by fulfilling our commitments to our clients regarding painting projects. Quality Matters:

    “Quality is the best business plan.”

    Whatever the business requirement is, we make it sure to never compromise on the quality of services we claim to offer. Whether it’s about industrial painting or office, we keep up work quality high.


    We believe a good contract is the one which offers you premium services and affordability. We’re here to serve you not to put the burden on your pocket. You can discuss you’re requirements with us and can get a free, affordable quote for the project.

    There are many reasons to choose Melvin’s’ contracting services for office and industrial painting needs. 

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    Give Life to Your Office with Our Painting Solutions!

    The best Industrial Painting Services!

    Give Life to Your Office with Our Painting Solutions!

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